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State-approved International Adoption Service


Parents-Child-Bridge is a state-approved agency for international adoptions in accordance with § 4 of the German Adoption Placement Act (AdVermiG).  We are authorised to carry out international adoptions in cooperation with the countries Taiwan, Thailand, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The association has been registered as an association at the Heidelberg Registry Court since 1998 and has been recognised as a non-profit association for the care of children and young people ever since. This was followed by recognition as an independent youth welfare organisation in July 2000 and as a state-approved foreign adoption agency in November 2001. Since 21 August 2002 we have been re-accredited in accordance with the Hague Convention. Since 2005, the organisation has been a certified member of EurAdopt. Seit 21.08.2002 liegt die Neu-Zulassung nach Haager Konvention vor. Seit 2005 ist der Verein zertifiziertes Mitglied von EurAdopt. 

The Adoption Service operates on the basis of the provisions of the Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on the Protection of Children and International Co-operation in Respect of Adoption.

The main focus of the organisation is the placement, support and accompaniment of adoptions of abandoned children from abroad. An important aspect is the aftercare and support of adoption applicants, adoptive children as well as adoptive families and families of origin. In addition, the association offers grants for families and social projects at home and abroad, parent coaching, educational counselling and biography work. It also provides support in tracing the biological roots of adopted children.

Since it was founded 25 years ago, the organisation has brought 570 children to Germany, where they have found new families and a happy life. Many of these children are still in contact with the association, which organises regular family meetings, biography groups and youth groups. It is impressive to see how these children develop and what opportunities they have.



Eltern-Kind-Brücke e.V.

International Adoption

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